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Development of Special Economic Zones

project overview


Not Started/Behind Schedule
Implementing Ministry (MDAS):
Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism.
MTP Target:
Break ground in the development of Special Economic Zone in Mombasa.
project progress


One of the key targets in the wholesale and retail sector is the establishment of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in the strategic locations of Mombasa, Kisumu and Lamu.

The SEZ bill and policy has been approved by the Cabinet. The SEZ bill has gone through the first reading in parliament.

Terms of Reference for Master planning and designing the Three Flagship SEZs and the draft contract are complete.

A 2,000 square kms of land in the Greater Mombasa area, 700 square kms of land in Kisumu and 700 square kms of land in Lamu for the development of Special Economic Zones has been identified.

The Mombasa SEZ is been implemented simultaneously with the Dongo Kundu trans-shipment free-port. The Dongo Kundu Free Transshipment Port (Mombasa) will cover 3000 acres.


To facilitate the setting up of Special Economic Zones in Mombasa, Kisumu and Lamu.

Mombasa SEZ (Indian Ocean,East Africa Community hinterland) will facilitate importation of necessary raw materials and exporting of finished goods. The project will include an agro-industrial zone incorporating activities such as blending and packaging of fertilizers, teas and coffees, and a consolidated meat and fish processing facility to encourage growth of offshore fishing.

The second SEZ (Lake Victoria at Great Lakes region hinterland) will be located in Kisumu to allow for access to regional markets and availability of limestone to support cement, chemicals and metals industries; Agro-processing through increased horticultural production along the lakeshore.

The third SEZ (Indian Ocean at Southern Sudan and Ethiopia hinterland) will be located in Lamu.

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