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  • vision

    An issue-based, people-centered, result-oriented and accountable democratic political system

  • barabara zetu

    We all want a Kenya with a good network of roads that will enhance business with in our country.

  • katiba yetu

    We ask for a Kenya where our rights and freedom are protected, where we are ruled by democracy.

  • Ukulima Bora

    We all want a Kenya that is able to adequately feed itself, the world and give jobs to its citizens.

  • bandari zetu

    We want a Kenya that is capable of bringing in more business and employing more Kenyans. To get there we need to deepen our ports to accommodate more ships.

  • elimu bora

    We all want a Kenya where children have quality education.

  • reli zetu

    To expand regional trade we need an efficient rail system.



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